Accountability and Transparency Oversight


I advocate for Citizens Committee to inform the public of Stimulus Beneficiaries and monitor funds usage and a comprehensive overhaul of this country's anti-corruption safeguards for ethical standards is needed.   I support President Trump's Clawback Provision for inappropriate funding uses .


Explanation of above issues

We are in the fight for freedom for you!

Prohibit Transnational lobbying and why this is important. 

The lobby of china based manufacturing tore down American manufacturing and removed America's ability to take care of itself. Foreign money from Ukraine and China purchasing all our deep sea ports is why we are in the mess we are in currently. Foreign national influence via foreign national lobbying and back door deals hurts America.

My job as a legislator is to shape foreign policy for the influence to economically benefit America in the form of fair trade and exchange of goods and services, read Article 1 section 8. The house is directly responsible for foreign policy.

When an international deal comes in, it needs to come in the right way so it can be dealt with in a transparent manner.   Transparency, accountability and foreign policy ties it all together.

Major Chinese industrial/residential/ holdings is a HUGE problem. Let's not misuse the EB5 visa to encourage transnational lobbying, let them come in under foreign policy strategic relationships as to not undermine America.

Let's not encourage America to allow foreign nationals to own us to the point where there is no America.

Reinstate the Mcarran act

The Mccarran act is a shield and defense against homeland terrorism.  It is important because all branches of our government are subject to infiltration. 

Internal security is paramount and the theme Bring it home is opportunity for America .....which means all persons Immigrants found in violation of the act within five years of being naturalized could have their citizenship revoked. and including foreign national secessionists both corporate and citizen level.  This is a very elegant and easy way to promote the idea of national security in all areas. This is constitutional.

Regulation rollback for manufacturing, mining and agriculture

These three areas are the backbone of America.   What has been occurring over the last 40 years but was accelerated since 2008 was the tearing down of economically beneficial and normal regulatory oversight that became weaponized against the people.

There is abundant energy source through a variety of means,including waste. 

In the case of mining and in the name of "public safety" mining was virtually shut down while China took most of our rare earth minerals in concentrate ore.  Common sense regulations, not making them so constrictive so we can't do business even within safe means is a solution.